Find the Best Folding Knife: The Complete Guide

At I aim to provide you with the most comprehensive guide to help you choose the right pocket knife for your needs. Our interactive chart of reviews and analysis will compare some of the most popular knives and will provide some really valuable information so that choosing the right blade becomes a no brainier.

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes choosing a knife, from the blade material to the color and size; but you are here because you want the best  for your needs AND you want one that won’t break the bank.

The chart below is designed to help you do just that! You will find knife brand and model, overall length, weight, blade material, pricing and ratings.

You can click the heading of any column to sort so that you see the information that’s most important to you.

The pricing and ratings are based on and may change based on special promotions and availability.

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$ = under $40, $$ = $40 to $100, $$$ = $100 to $200, $$$$ = $200+

Folding KnifeOverall LengthBlade Length (inches)WeightBlade MaterialPriceRating
Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS
104.47.2ozStainless Steel$4.5
Benchmade Mini-Griptilian
6.782.912.56ozStainless Steel$$5
Spyderco Caly 3 Carbon Fiber Handle
733Laminated SDP-189 Steel$$$4.5
Zero Tolerance ZT0560 Hinderer
8.83.755.8ozELMAX Steel$$$$4.5
Spyderco Military G-10
9.544.2ozCPM S30V Steel$$$4.5
Benchmade 710 Tool Steel$$$5
Buck 110FG Folding Hunter

8.743.757.2oz420HC Stainless Steel$$5
Kershaw Ken Onion Leek
733ozSandvik 13C26 Stainless steel$$4.5
Gerber 31-000591 Freeman SS blade$4.5


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The knives I included in this chart are just the tip of the iceberg. Because there are some many manufactures and type of knives it is really difficult to compare all of them on one chart, however I tried to include a variety of top of the line folding knives based on factors such as ratings, brand and overall customer reviews.

What is a folding knife?

A folding knife (also called a pocket knife) is a tool where the blade folds inside the handle. These types of knives usually have blades between 2 to 6 inches and are some of the most versatile tools around; they may be used for things like cutting fruit, opening envelopes and boxes to self-defense and emergency situations. The oldest pocket knife dates back to around 500-600B.C and was made with a bone handle.

So what’s the right knife for you?

You need to determine the purpose of your knife and ask yourself a few questions.

Are you interested in sleek and functional or are you more concerned with size?

Will you carry it with you every day or will it be used as a tool?

The combination of these questions and the interactive chart above will help you narrow down your choices in choosing the best folding knife for you.

Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Pardue Design

Mini-GriptillianAt 2.56oz the Mini-Griptilian is one of the lightest knives around. The sleek easy grip handle makes this knife ideal for everyday use; it’s small in size but packs a punch, in fact you probably won’t even notice this knife if your pocket!

Even though the Mini-Griptilian is small in size the blade is still large enough to accomplish common tasks. This knife is equipped with a unique Axis lock, pocket clip and is very easy to open. This knife is available with plain and combo edge.

Benchmade has been around since 1988 and is based out of Oregon. The company prides itself on making great quality American made knives.

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Spyderco Military G-10 Handle Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco Military G-10The G-10 is a bit larger for a pocket knife coming in with an overall length of 9.5 inches and a blade length of 4 inches but it’s a very solid well designed light weight knife. It has a very ergonomic type blade with a thumb hole and when it opens the blade locks pretty tight so the handle cradles your hand quite nicely.

The Spyderco Military is a bit on the large side but everything from the smooth opening to the sharpness of the blade makes this well worth it. Performance, comfort, durability are things than come to mind when I think of the Millie.

Spyderco is based out of Colorado and prides itself in making knives that deliver a high quality performance. Their unique ergonomic designs make this brand recognizable.

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Buck 110FG Folding Hunter with Finger Grooves

Buck 110FGThe Buck 110FG is a modified version of the classic 110. This is a well-designed knife that weighs in at 7.2oz with a blade length of 3.75 inches. The 110FG is equipped with Finger Grips that makes this knife fit nice in your hand.

The FG110 is a Classic American knife that has stood the test of time. This knife doesn’t have any of the flash others do but is a solid strong knife that has been around for many years. It’s obvious that lots of pride goes into building this awesome tool.

When this knife is open, the blade locks in tight and allows for multiple uses. If you are looking for more of a classic feel then this could be the one for you.

The first Buck knife was produced in 1902 by Hoyt Buck and was forged from worn out file blades. Buck knives are known for holding their edge and the company backs them up with a 4 ever warranty.

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