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Are you looking for the best multi tool without breaking the bank? If you happen to be in the market for one keep reading!

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to unscrew something or have found yourself using a key while attempting to get things opened? The likely hood of you having access to a screwdriver on the spot are probably slim in most cases. In that instant you probably wished you carried a multi tool.

While you won’t be able to build a deck with it, you can certainly use it for a ton of different applications including quick fixes and makes for a fantastic go-to tool. The first multi tool sold in the early 80’s and was made by Leatherman Tool Group but the concept of having multiple tools in a compact unit dates back to Middle Roman Times. Through the years these tools have evolved and become the standard for many folks who choose an EDC. These little gems are extremely versatile and great for almost any situation.


Best Multi Tools Review

The Leatherman Wave Ti

The Leatherman 830040 New Wave features stainless steel blades and accessory tools along with a
titanium housing. It comes with a nylon carrying sheath and has a set of pliers and wire cutters similar to other standard multi-tools but upholds the Leatherman quality.

The Wave - Click for priceBoth handles feature an assortment of sharp blades along with a saw and file. Blades are located on the outside of the closed tool for quick access. The inside of the handles house a bottle opener, thick and sturdy scissors, a can opener, a wire stripper and an insert for placing a small collection of screw bits.

Every part is solid stainless steel or reinforced with stainless. This high grade metal will not rust even when immersed in water. Leatherman offers a 25 year warranty on all its products. The tool is 4 inches long when closed and weighs approximately 8.5 ounces. (This one is my personal favorite!)

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Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

The SwissTool Spirit offers a full feature multi-tool that is exceptionally lightweight for its size and functionality. SwissTool is the original manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife and has expanded to include superior utility tools. All parts are made from a super alloy that is loftier to regular steel while the overall construction is slim and almost petite. SwissTool - Click for price

The Victorinox includes three flathead screwdrivers and a single Phillips screwdriver. The flathead screwdrivers also double as an awl and drink can opener. A serrated blade and a saw are partners on the branded side while a file, can opener and scissors share the opposite handle.

All blade tools are locking and the lock is released with a thumb tab. The pliers are somewhat long and grip with fine teeth. The wire cutters are excellent for everyday use. The Swiss Spirit measures 4.13 inches when closed and comfortably fits into a pocket as well as its genuine leather sheath.

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SOG PowerLock

The 9.6 ounce SOG PowerLock is colored pitch black with a coating of metal oxide that does not reflect no matter how much light is shown at it. This utility knife is not only well constructed but suited for survival and special operations. It is approved by the GSA and includes features that are ideal for crimping blasting caps and manipulating small wires with the fine pliers. SOG - Click for price

The pliers are a compound tool and exert greater mechanical leverage than basic hand pressure. The knife is small but serrated and highly versatile. The saw is fine and tough enough to cut through copper pipe.

The scissors are thick and durable for cutting heavy material under pressure and the tools are enclosed within the folding blade for maximum safety during operations. The SOG is also equipped with small vents allow moisture to escape while improving grip. Other features include a standard can opener, bottle opener, awl, Phillips screw driver; flathead screw driver with mount for bits and a nylon carrying case.
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While there are many to choose from and many factors that determine what the best multi tool is for you, based on all my research and rating and reviews and taking into account quality, overall performance, brand reputation and customer satisfaction the three listed here are the truly the best choices.

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